Dear colleagues,

It is our great pleasure to announce the 26th Meeting of the Hellenic Neuroscience Society organized jointly with the FP7 REGPOT Project NeuroSign, which will take place in Athens at the Eugenides Foundation from 29 November to 1 December 2013. The meeting, entitled “2013 Translational Neuroscience: Understanding Brain Function to Treat Dysfunction”, brings together leading scientists and clinicians to highlight the potential of translating novel research insights into clinical practice.

The 26th Meeting is a unique opportunity to present emerging science, learn from the experts, advance collaborations and careers and promote scientific excellence in the field of Neuroscience in our country.  

We look forward to welcoming you in Athens,

Download the poster here

                                                                              The Organizing Committee


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Scientific Organizing Committee

Rebecca Matsas, Chair

M. Anagnostouli
A. Stamatakis
C. Dalla
L. Stefanis
S. Efhtimiopoulos
F. Stylianopoulou
K. Kilindireas
E. Taoufik
D. Mangoura
D. Thomaidou
G. Panagis
E. Tsaltas
P. Politis
S. Tzartos
L. Probert
K. Vekrellis

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O. Almeida, Munich
R. Barker, Cambridge
S. Berrih-Aknin, Paris
O. Brüstle, Bonn
P.-J. Corriger, Paris
S. Georgopoulos, Athens
M. Karamita, Athens
K. Kleopa, Nicosia

G. Kouroupi, Athens
V. Nikoletopoulou, Crete
H. Neumann, Bonn
S. Ove Ögren, Stockholm
T. Owens, Denmark
M. Parmar, Lund
P. Poirazi, Crete

H. Schöler, Münster
K. Sidiropoulou, Crete
M. Tansey, Atlanta
A. Vincent, Oxford
S. Vlachou, Dublin
M. Zouridakis, Athens

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Registration Types

Academic/Government (member)

This registration category allows members of the Hellenic Neurosience Society to

register at the lower rate of 20 euros.

Academic/Government (non-member)

Registrants who are employed in an academic or government setting who are not

members of the Hellenic Neurosience Society may register in this category at the rate

of 30 euros.


This category allows students (predoctoral or PhD) to register free.

Postdoctoral Fellow/Resident (in training)

This category allows residents and post-doctoral fellows to register free.

Payment Options

Alpha Bank:
IBAN: GR07 0140 5350 5350 0200 2000 641

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